A technical discussion on firearms, shooting and reloading.

Beginners Guide for Reloading Press Options

There are many types of machines and methods for reloading. This article will cover the average shooter that wants to start reloading so that they can shoot more at a lower cost. Commercial ammo in almost $20 for 50 rounds and bulk reloaded 9mm goes for about $90 for 300 ... Read more »

I.P.S.C. Indoor Classifier Match

I shot a Classifier match this Saturday. These matches are meant to measure your skill against other shooters. These stages are less exciting than regular matches where there is much more movement required. Visit for more info. I used a WaspCam Tact with a head band to ... Read more »

Welcome to GunTech.Ca

Welcome to the latest blog about firearms, shooting and reloading from a Canadian perspective. My first articles are going to be about reloading for pistol calibre's. I get questions about this all the time, so I'll put it all here for reference. -CM ... Read more »