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First Gun - Buyers Guide - Updated 2023

You just got your PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) in the mail, and you want to buy your first gun. There are hundreds of options... where do you start? There are a few categories of firearms to consider. Eventually you will want a firearm from each category. Choose the first ... Read more »

Typhoon XII Disassembly

There are many guides and video's on how to field strip the more popular Typhoon F12 (Aluminum frame), but no guides on the F12's little brother, the polymer frame XII. First remove any chokes or barrel shrouds from the barrel. Remove this nut. It may be tough to get off, ... Read more »

My Favorite Guns

This is a short article. I'm writing this 8 hours before I leave for a backwoods camping trip. Before leaving, it's hard to narrow down the selection of guns to bring with me. Here is what I'm bringing, and why. Remington 870 20ga Tactical: This gun has an 18" barrel, ... Read more »

How to setup a scope

This article is by request. There is a lot of information out there on how to setup and sight in a scope. I'm going to cover the basics. The first step is to buy the proper scope for your rifle. The general rule is that you should spend as much ... Read more »

First Handgun - Buyers Guide

Similar to my First Gun buyers guide, this article will break down the choices you should make before buying your first handgun. Your first handgun should be in 22LR. In my experience 80% of people buy a 9mm first, then follow up shortly with a 22LR. So I'm going assume ... Read more »