A technical discussion on firearms, shooting and reloading.

All About Glock's

This article is not meant to be subjective or unbiased. Not even close. I am not a big fan of Glock's as a target/competition/range gun. A Glock is light, reliable and fairly accurate. Its primary purpose is to be carried on the hip all day, every day, and ... Read more »

Aurora IPSC Level 2 Match April 16-17 2016

Thanks to everyone that helped run the match! I did not shoot a great match, there were some misses and some penalty hits, but I am really enjoying being able to review my performance after that match. On the long stage I was picking up my magazines and realized my ... Read more »

Single Stage Reloading

If you read my Press Selection Guide and chose Use Case Number 1 these are your next steps. Also see the Brass Cleaning Guide. I'll assume you have bought a Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Kit and a 4 Die kit from Lee. This guide will help you reload any ... Read more »

Cleaning Brass

You can get away with skipping the brass cleaning step for a little while. Especially while first leaning to reload. At a minimum you can wash your brass with Methyl Hydrate. Eventually you are going to need a solution for cleaning large amounts of brass. There are three popular methods. ... Read more »

Rouge River Arms IPSC Team and their gear

This is live document that will change often. I will also leave names out. If you are a member of IPSC Ontario, it won't be hard to figure out who we are. CM Primary Setup: Production Class GrandPower K100. 9mm. Bladetech belt, Ghost 360 magazine pouches. Secondary Setup: Classic Class. ... Read more »