This article is not meant to be subjective or unbiased. Not even close. I am not a big fan of Glock's as a target/competition/range gun. A Glock is light, reliable and fairly accurate. Its primary purpose is to be carried on the hip all day, every day, and to "just work" when it's needed.

There is a huge selection of aftermarket parts that can transform this duty gun into something special.

If you are shooting IPSC in production class, this article is useless. Any change you make will bump you to standard or open class.

The cheapest way to clean up the brutal trigger on a Glock is the the Wolff reduced power spring kit, and a 3.5lbs connector. It comes with a striker spring, a firing pin block spring, and a trigger spring. The kit takes less than 30 minutes to install. There will be a video link here soon.

To complete the project, an over-travel stop, trigger replacement, the necessary tuning are required.

All the parts and labour can cost as much as the gun itself, but if you do it yourself, you'll save some money and you will essentially make yourself a Glock armourer in the process.

I order my parts from Rock Your Glock. At Rouge River Arms we can get Rock Your Glock parts for a little cheaper than ordering direct and we can offer advice on products and help with the install of parts.

Currently I have a Glock 21, in 45 ACP. The modifications include:

Although the gun is not competitive in IPSC Open Class, it is a lot of fun to shoot, and very accurate.

My biggest problem with this gun was the factory 10 round magazines. The magazines were made to hold exactly 10 rounds. In fact, with 10 rounds in the magazine they bulge and don't even feed into the gun nicely. When the slide is closed the last round in the magazine pushes so hard on the slide that it does not cycle when firing the gun.

I had to swap out the followers from the normal capacity magazines to get the gun to cycle properly. Be very careful, because if make the magazine hold 11 rounds, you will be in possession of a prohibited device.

Please email me with suggestions for what you would like to see from these articles. I'm working on making a video for the install of the spring kits and eventually the rest of the items in the list above.